About us

Whatever you decide is yours. I set up this site for people who breathe nature and believe that jewelry is a decoration worth investing.
You can call me light, a combination of Africa and Israel – connected to nature and animals, so I decided create A site that includes special jewelry of wild animals and interesting facts about them. All kinds of animals and all kinds of jewelry.
I am personally contribute to rescuing the monkeys and the pigs,
That is why all the monkeys or pigs jewelry participates and the profits go to donations. You are invited to advertise, or wear the monkey’s OR pigs jewelry and become ambassadors of nature, after purchasing a monkey or pig jewelry we provide receipts from the organizations.

good luck to us.
Lots of love and thanks for the support.

searched for an animal and found no matching jewel? Contact us at Junglando@gmail.com
Can serve as a gift for yourself, close friends, and there are special deals for businesses that produce animal productions.

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